Why Grooming Matters

Regardless of whether you have a long or short haired breed, grooming your dog is essential to their health.  In fact it could save your dog’s life.

Why Frequent Grooming Matters

Grooming your dog once a day (long hair) or several times a week (short hair) is about more than just a shiny coat.  Here are several key reasons you should be grooming your dog often:

  • It teaches puppies to enjoy being handled, which can prevent them from biting in the future.  It also deepens your bond.
  • It removes dead hair, dirt and dandruff, and stimulates the oils to spread over your dogs coat, which makes it healthier and less itchy for your dog.
  • It prevents matts from getting down to the skin (where hot spots can form).
  • It brings to your attention any cuts, scrapes, or skin conditions.
  • It allows you time to check for unusual lumps and bumps that you may not otherwise see or feel.